Miranda Hot Springs

Name: Concerned
Rating: -/10
on 27 April 2008

Having heard this place had been sold made me excited as i thought the new owners would upgade the place and restore it to its former glory. BUT it doesnt seem so, they seem to tight to do anything. I remember before it sold the old manager Shane telling me about the toilets getting knocked down and rebult, and that the plans had been drawn up and ready to go…. and since the the place has been sold and look they just replaced the roofs on the changing rooms with the cheapest materials that could be found. Also when i came in the other day i found that the hot food shop wasnt open so i went to the main office to enquire and was told it would not be opening because it was short staffed. I ask whether someone had called in sick or somthing and weather it would be opening later in the day and was told only if it isnt so busy because they simply dont have the amount of staff to do it. ABSOLUTLY PATHETIC! Then also i see a add in the newspaper claiming a fully refurbished sauna pool, but when actually it has just been given a coat of paint, not refurbished. And the paint job hadnt even been done properly as it had already started peeling when i was there. I dont know if it the staffs fault for not painting properly of the managment for being to tight and not wanting to spend another coat on the sauna. Also i noticed only half the complex had been newly painted a creamy coulor and the rest left that blue. I also queried when it was going to be fully painted and if it would be closed in that day and was told not to worry about it because the new owners told them to stop painting with that paint because it is to expensive. Hmmmm.