Miranda Hot Springs

Name: Gary
Rating: 3/10
on 2 June 2015

I love Miranda hot springs and would be a regular customer had I not been so very disappointed with my experience yesterday (Sunday) evening. I can handle the new ‘premium’ prices, but along with premium prices comes the responsibility to provide a service that’s professional. We paid a rather huge price to be able to do what we always do – first relax in the private spa, then have dinner, then relax in the less-hot large pool. What we found after the spa was that the hot food shop was shut, this at 6.20pm on a Sunday night of the school holidays. The excuse on a sign was that they had run out of food. I think this is disgraceful: Miranda Hot Springs is miles from any other place for dinner, and it more of less spoiled our night and made paying the extra price to spend some time in the main pool pointless, as we were too hungry to enjoy it. But more seriously, when I went to the changing room, the rank smell over overflowing urine was overpowering. As there were no other changing options, I had to risk getting my feet wet and then risk passing this on to my shoes. I have to say, I’m tempted to report this to authorities. I know the place was busy, but there is no excuse for not keeping the facilities clean, and this was downright dangerous. It looked like the place was being run by all junior staff and there was no-one there I felt it worthwhile complaining to, so here it is. I’m very, very disappointed and so is my wife. A lovely place that’s now, unfortunately, a memory of what should have been a romantic night for us, shattered.