Miranda Hot Springs

Name: Gary
Rating: 2/10
on 12 July 2008

I wrote a disappointed review of Miranda Hot Pools back in April, noting that when I went the changing area was in a disgusting state, and also that early in the evening of the school holidays the takeaway food stall was shut… appalling because Miranda is miles from anywhere. Well, I went back there this last Sunday to see if there had been any improvements. Once again, school holidays, 6pm, and the takeaway stall was CLOSED with no explanation. Once again, the changing shed and toilets less than clean. It’s interesting, I could swear that the owners/managers of this facility are TRYING to get rid of loyal customers. I’ve been going to Miranda for years and could remain a happy camper with even a small acknowledgment that they are trying to do something about these concerns… concerns which I notice other customers have expressed above. But when I complained last time, and this wonderful website sent my complaint to the pool’s owners, there was absolutely NO response. Miranda Hot Pool owners, you could at the VERY LEAST address the concerns of myself and others on this site. Are you going to do ANYTHING to fix this situation? Miranda Hot Springs is a wonderful facility, a fabulous huge pool and (a bonus) it’s not chlorinated. I love it, but can’t justify supporting such slack management.