Miranda Hot Springs

Name: Gary
Rating: -/10
on 29 August 2008

Well, the ‘Team of Miranda Hot Springs’ finally replied to my concerns, and lied, bare-faced. Shame on you. Both times I visited the hot food shop was closed the whole time we were there, during school holidays, and as early as 6pm or 6.30pm. I find it hard to believe that management defend this by fibbing. And worse still, instead of being interested in what a paying customer has to say, they then attack me for not communicating with them personally. Both times I was there, only one staff member was visible most of the time, and this chap was obviously the ‘pool watcher’. So I used the NZHotPools facility to email the staff directly. THEY chose not to reply. Interestingly, while bathing at the wonderful Palm Springs in Parakai earlier this week, I got talking to a woman who was up from Port Waikato. She mentioned the dire state and service at Waingaro hot pools. I mentioned Miranda and my disappointment, and she immediately said that Miranda was now run by the son of the people who run Waingaro. The penny suddenly clicked. What a pity that these wonderful resources are being taken over by people who haven’t a clue about management, and who don’t seem to see the value in redeveloping to a high standard, or even maintaining to a clean standard. And to the chap who disagreed with my assertion that the (main) pool wasn’t chlorinated, I’m just getting my info from the NZ Hot Pool book, which says that so much water goes through this wonderful pool that it doesn’t have to be chlorinated. Gary