Miranda Hot Springs

Name: Layton
Rating: -/10
on 1 September 2008

Hey Garry, I am an employee that works at Miranda and has worked at Miranda with the last owners also. To you comment about the place going down because of the new owners is absolute rubbish. The place is now currently looking better than it has in the previous years. There is constantly improvements going on and many of them are behind the scenes as they have to be, no point building your castle on the sand. AND THEN you call us liars?! That’s a bit off, I know for my personal fact that the cookshop was open as I was working, so to go ahead and call us liars is one step too far. And if you were such a dedicated fan and did your research you would have surly looked up more resources to find out about our pool chlorination, surely someone that is well educated will know that to get accurate information you need it to be confirmed from another unrelated source, because for many many many years the pool has been chlorinated. If you have concerns you can surly approach a staff member, even if the was just the lifeguard why can’t you just ask him for the manager? Im dam sure that he would help? Or get someone in charge? Or is it just because you didn’t want to ask and jut state incorrect statements on the internet and attack people. It’s pretty easy to go and hide behind a keyboard and make accusations but we would much rather to be directly approached. You say you had NZHOTPOOLS to email us directly and we did not reply, but how are we ment to when we font get an email address?! So well be happy to hear you voice your concerns in person and happy to be able to have our say n tell you our facts. But I guess you can only make lemon juice from lemons. Layton