Miranda Hot Springs

Name: Gary
Rating: 1/10
on 3 October 2008

So Layton, an employee at Miranda Hot Springs, now chooses to attack me, rather than answer my concerns, as a paying customer. Firstly, Layton, the hot food shop WAS closed both of my recent visits, and these visits WERE in the early evening. My wife can vouch for this. Secondly, Layton, you didn’t address any of my concerns except for the hot food shop being closed. Instead, you attack me for repeating a claim made in a highly-regarded book about hot pools that your pool isn’t chlorinated. You rather missed the point: non-chlorinated is GOOD. So by admitting that the pool is now chlorinated, that’s another black mark against Miranda Hot Springs. In civilised countries (like Japan) where hot pools are a part of daily life, invasive chemicals like chlorine (which can reap havoc on the human body in all sorts of ways) have been replaced with much gentler ones. Thirdly, you attack me for not speaking to staff while I was there, like I was really in the mood while I was hungry and just wanted to hoof off and get some good tucker. I think the NZ Hot Pools site is fantastic, and the opportunity to WRITE to you isn’t an inferior option to speaking to management in person. You seem to be suggesting that there’s something cowardly in writing rather than fronting up in person, which is plainly ridiculous. Lastly, there are two ‘fields’ that a writer an fill in on the NZ Hot Pools site, and one of them is ‘Make A Suggestion To The Managers Of Miranda Hot Springs’. This requires putting my name and email, and I assumed that when I sent this form, the Miranda Hot Springs management would also get my email3rd October 2008 address to respond to. It seems not. But having said that, I did look for a direct email address to Miranda Hot Springs, and couldn’t find one on the internet, so… It’s a great pity that you guys don’t even have the basic customer service skills to say sorry and ‘we’ll try to do better’. My wife works in the restaurant trade. You could learn a few things from her. Gary