Miranda Hot Springs

Name: Paul
Rating: -/10
on 2 June 2015

There seems to be confusion amongst the reviews on here. Miranda Hot Springs is the hot pools. The Caravan and Camp Ground is nearby, and also has it’s own little hot pool. Reviewers seem to be confusing the two. We have no opinion about the Hot Springs because we haven’t been (yet), but the Campsite’s pool was very nice. The lady owner is also very proud of it and when you check in she’ll tel you that it’s the best site in NZ. This (she thinks) will justify the fact that this is the most expensive camp site in the whole of New Zealand that we could find on our 6-month tour, staying at around 150 sites. Although the pool is indeed great, the lady’s ‘Stalag Commandant’ attitude also made it the least enjoyable site in new Zealand. She dictates where you park, and insisted that we had to be on crunchy gravel under strong flood lights with no privacy, no sleep and a huge air-conditioner motor running next to us all night. The rest of the site was empty, but she wouldn’t let us park in a nice private quiet corner. Hated it, hated her. Don’t go there.