Miranda Hot Springs

Name: rose
Rating: 4/10
on 21 April 2011

I love miranda and so do my kids…but I agree with some of the people below. The womens toilets can get really smelly at times. Thats a sort of thing staff need to keep on top of. No excuses. The other thing is the last 4 times we have been (in 1 and a half years) the giant pillow has been out of order. its annoying because my son is 7 so hes too big for the little park they have there. plus a few of our big kids love it too. The staff can be really rude too i agree with that. and the prices are ridiculous. It was that time of the month for me so i couldnt swim, and i had to pay $12 to sit there. thats crap if eva i saw it. Miranda for our family is like a tradition. We have to go their at least 5 times a year but with all these things going on we may have to find another place to go to have fun. I wish it was like it used to be.