Miranda Hot Springs

Name: Sam Scot
Rating: 1/10
on 2 June 2015

After a very recent visit to Miranda hot springs I left feeling harassed and disgusted. The service was rude, over the pa a screeching lady demanded! parents to supervise their children. A totally inappropriate bloke with tats commented about other female customers costumes to my wife while she was buying drinks from the store, she was very uncomfortable after that and refused to go to the store further that day. And the time I went to buy something there was a different tattooed bloke in the store who refused to serve me? I had to wait several minutes for someone else to arrive to do so? The changing rooms and bbqs were very dirty! The prices were steep. The water in the big pool could have been hotter. All in all 1/10. Shame on you Miranda hot springs for poor service, standards and ignoring customer feedback, shame on you!