Miranda Hot Springs

Name: Tiffany
Rating: -/10
on 21 July 2013

Wow what a difference a month can make, was here 4-5 weeks ago and couldn’t fault the place. Went down last Wednesday and wow, the unfriendly old woman on the counter when we arrived seemed more concerned with her cell phone then letting us through, when she got around to charging us she was snappy and plain unfriendly. Lounging in the pool was nice until the grumpy fat woman started at me about watching my kids, strange thing is I didn’t have the kids with me, they were at their grandparents. I’m assuming that she thought the children near my hubby and i were with us. I doubt either of the rude women are qualified in any field, least of all life guarding or customer service. Time for a career change ladies. Glad the people in the food shop hadn’t been infected by the stange grumpitis illness that was apparent with the so called life guards