Miranda Hot Springs

Name: Joss
Rating: 1/10
on 27 July 2013

Very disappointed with my one and only visit to these hot pools. My 10 year old grandson and I were staying at Kaiaua with my sister and her three grandchildren and thought we would take the kids as a treat. When we arrived the carpark was quite full including two buses of holiday programme children (July school holidays). After paying for the four children to swim and two adult non swimmers – we were told that children 8 and under were not permitted in the big pool without an adult (16 and over), they were expected to stay in the small pool. As my sisters grandchildren were all under 8 they were most upset to see the small pool – a toddlers paddling pool. To make matters worse one of the seven year olds had visited 2 months earlier with a non swimmer adult and was not told of this rule then! He spent an hour and a half in the pool. I have no issue with pool rules as long as the facilities accommodate those rules. No one should expect 5 – 8 year olds to sit in a paddling pool while everyone else is enjoying the bigger pool. The girl who took our money and then told us of this rule walked away when we started questioning. Another attendant was standing nearby and when one of the children cried with disappointment, she asked what was wrong, when we started to explain she wasn’t interested either and she too walked away. We collected our refund and took our very disappointed grandchildren home. No where was there any signage to inform us of this rule and no where on their website is it mentioned. Seems the rule was made to cater for the busy school holiday period. We also noted that the child admission price is the same for the paddling pool as for the large pool. We will certainly not be returning.