Miranda Hot Springs

Name: Muz
Rating: 7/10
on 2 June 2015

I come here with my family reasonably regularly, for a swim and hamburgers for our dinner from the shop here. The burgers are really good. If you are looking for a modern aquatic centre with slides and a wave pool this is not the place to come to. Miranda has been there since I can remember, I used to come back in the 60s. The big pool was repainted in February this year, 2014. The changing rooms are dated and do need a spruce up, but we cope. (Recommend you wear jandals in there). Miranda has one large pool, a small very hot pool and a couple of small pools for little kids. Most adults soak in the big pool, it is a good temperature for soaking in. The rules about kids 8 years and under are the same in all public pools. We got told off once for not supervising our child – fair enough, although she has been swimming like a fish since she was 4, but rules are rules and I would not want the job of lifeguard – I would probably get grumpy too. They would get the blame if someone drowned. Miranda is a low key place, very pleasant and relaxing. It is dated but it’s clean and generally seems well maintained. We go when we know it won’t be too crowded, usually on a week night or Sunday night. Sometimes we are practically the only people there. We’ve never had an issue wth the staff being rude, but we all have bad days don’t we? I just treat others as I want to be treated and my life goes well! Keep up the good work Miranda, you are part of our family’s DNA.