Morere Hot Springs

Name: Jane W.
Rating: 9/10
on 3 June 2015

What a well-kept secret! These off the beaten track springs are delightful. I visited in May 2013. I did the walk up the slight hill to the Nikau Pools, one cold, one hot and one super-hot, and they are all salty because the water comes from the ancient sea bed. The pools themselves are stainless steel and hold 6-8 bathers. The change rooms were very wet because of the rain and it was difficult to keep my things dry while changing. I stayed there till after dark when the manager came up on his bike to boot us all out, he kindly gave me a troch to find my way back as the path is not lit. My only suggestions would be to have a sign to say you will need to take water/drink as the hot salty water is VERY dehydrating, also better roofing over the change rooms so the floor doesn’t get wet. As a slightly disabled person, I would also appreciate maybe a little golf cart thing (maybe for an extra charge?? worth it) to get up to the pools and back, as waiting for a knee replacement meant a longish walk with some pain for me.