Mount Maunganui Hot Salt Water Pools

Name: Colin & June Webb
Rating: -/10
on 6 June 2011

We love the Mount Maunganui Hot Salt Water Pools. We use them pretty regularly in the early mornings and swim our 20 laps. We would love to have the temperature kept at 33 or 34 + degrees – sometimes it gets quite cool. This and hot showers would mean we could use the facility for longer into winter. The showers, particularly the womens’, are usually cool to almost cold and only very occasionally really warm. But we don’t need a huge upscaling of the pools. Little things like new stainless steel handbasins and some cleaning up wouldn’t cost a lot, but a Maori Culture Centre and bigger pools and other large expenditure items would probably not make the pools any more attractive, and may make the entry price increase, which obviously we would not like to see. At present they are an affordable, value-for-money, enjoyable outing and means of exercise, and one of the reasons we live in the area.