Okoroire Hot Springs Hotel

Name: Steve
Rating: 1/10
on 3 June 2015

Went to the so called “hot springs” they were totally disgusting! Run down and tired! The water was fifthly and luke warm. There were empty wine bottles everywhere, the toilet stunk of urine and faeces and was broken (out of order) $15 for both of us, I wouldn’t pay 50c! We got in and out of the pool within 2mins we left, these hot springs and false advertising and very misleading as per the road signs, would strongly advise to go look at the pools before you pay, or even better wouldn’t even waste you petrol driving there. When we left and took the key back the lady she could tell we were not happy, and said to us (with her back to us) “leave the key on the desk” No thank you goodbye or anything very poor customer service! Very unhappy! The place needs a visit from the health Department, in fact we are thinking of contacting them ourselves.