Okoroire Hot Springs Hotel

Name: Alan Sharp
Rating: -/10
on 18 June 2008

Went back to Okoroire Hot Springs 24 Feb 08, 10 to 11 am. Was keen to try out their number 2 pool. It’s on a higher level and is all concrete. On my last visit I hired the No 4 from 10 am to 11 am and upon leaving a cleaning crew had opened up the door to the number two pool building and had drained the pool. They were in it brooming it out.

Yesterday I discovered this action is (only ?) done on Wednesdays. That would explain what looked like quite a bit of fine debris floating (skin flakes) in the water, adding to what is naturally coming through from the embankment spring. Ideally it should be drained more often, and in line with usage. Maintenance on this unit was also very poor. Generally all is poor. Vandalism has accounted for one of the former two, toilets that stand alone in a separate building, so now one acts as unisex. No attempt has been made to paint out the graffiti. It looks like the local hoons delight in breaking in to the pools for a free swim. Bashed wall panels, broken security netting and the like. A pity because it has great potential, if the issues that are holding it back from modernisation were resolved. For what ever reason there is no incentive for the operators to keep them pristine like the Hotel, it’s grounds and the golf course.

It’s location, so close to the river, would lead me to believe they do not hold title. Possibly relying on historic use (squatters rights ?) There would also be issues with their septic tank.

I have an elderly friend at Tokoroa who could benefit from hot water exercise, but with every possibility of amoeba being in the water, and most importantly, no longer access steps into the big five foot deep pool, where he could benefit from supported walking exercises, we will not be going there. A pity because they are quite close. At this time Te Aroha, where he likes the hot tubs, is too far a drive away.