Opal Hot Springs and Holiday Park

Name: faye wong
Rating: -/10
on 7 April 2008

My family have been coming to these pools every year for about 15yr+, we have had the worst experience since the new owners have taken over, argumentative, treated my family with such disdain, we will never return, since the new owners have taken over the place has gone to the dogs, cabins are not clean regularly, had left over food and rubbish on the floor in our cabin from the last tenants, the beds are falling to peices and cups and plates are brown, were orginally white, some idiot local kids trashed the golf course and stole the fire extingushers from opal, we were blamed for it, for goodness sakes, we are all 30+ yrs, one of us is an Abuse counsellor (50yrs) some of us run other peoples companies, and another is a nationally reknowned Musician, as if we would lower ourselves to childish antics, I told the owner we have been coming here for years for our fathers company golf tournament, so we know how to respect the place, her reply was: Which tournament, What golf course, I have never seen you here before!! As if she is FBI or something. One of the other residents was so disgusted with the way we were treated, she packed her family up and left one day early, she heard the new owner gossiping about our family with other residents. I found Gwen completely without customer service skills and she is well and truelly in the wrong line of work, We have x5 sets of families that we book for, totalling 22 ppl,(we have some little additions now), they are missing out on some big money from us now, I agree totally with Teresa Julian’s comments, exactly how we see the new owners. We have blacklisted this park to everyone we know with a huge email being sent all over new zealand. **Some text removed by admin**