Opal Hot Springs and Holiday Park

Name: dave
Rating: -/10
on 13 May 2008

We as owners would like to respond to comments made in this column, the sentiments expessed by some are quite amazing and completely opposite to the comments made to us personally from our many customers. these customers have helped us build the business up over the last several years and introduced many more new customers and friends, we can only presume some people are unhappy with being asked to comply with Holiday park rules including those covering pets. We also don’t think people should take offence to inquires regarding stolen property, taken during the night from outside of some of the accommodation. We are not in the habit of accusing people, only asking if anything may have been heard. It is stated that this family have come here many times over the last 15 years, well, we have only been here for the last 3 1/2 years, their family names may have changed several times but are not known to us, where as all of our regulars know us by name and communicate regularly. Some people just like to think they can stay a few times and own the place, then get upset when asked to respect the facilities and follow the rules. We sometimes need to have the park looked after by temporary managers ( we also have family issues to deal with) and although they may not have our experience , they do have our support