Opal Hot Springs and Holiday Park

Name: Don leitch
Rating: 6/10
on 18 March 2009

I have been going to opal springs for 40 years now, and have seen many changes over the years . I have read many reports here and saddened by some of them. This is an old campground that hasn’t had a major revamp, the price charged reflects the camp condition, If you want to have security guards , staff in uniform, pool attendants then dont go here. This is not a $ 40 dollar a night camp ground, its a $12.00 with free pools thrown in. Parents look after their own kids, there are no nannys here to do it for you. The mineral pools are cleaned every 2nd night and the main pool is a tepid pool chlorinated and filtered. These pools have lots of plant, scrub, etc all around it and its a windy site, so leaves do get into the pool . Its not a pristine glow in the dark camp site and the price reflects this. I have had many really enjoyable evenings soaking in these pools, talking to the other campers. Its a friendly social evening ritual. I do notice a difference in those that camp and those that rent the cabins, a totally different breed of people. I have seen many arguments at this park over the years many petty but mostly caused by cabin renters forgetting that the campers go there for peace and quite and a fun friendly environment. The things some cabin renters do have shocked me to the core many times, and that they believe they own the place because they are there with a few family over a few years. I do enjoy this park, the price is right, and Dave and Gwen do the best they can but they cant please all the people all the time, so there will always be conflict. I have told many friends about this park and will continue to do so. Its a central area so once the tent caravan is set up, you can safely leave it and go away each day and visit many places within an hours drive.