Opal Hot Springs and Holiday Park

Name: ian
Rating: -/10
on 2 March 2010

have stayed at this camp ground at least 1/2 doz times in the past 18mths because it was dog friendly. Recently the manager made an issue of the breed of my dog and seems to have become an overnight expert on which dogs are vicious by simply glancing through the car window, my dog sitting quietly in the back seat without showing any sign of interest in him as he stood by the open window and informed me that he wouldn’t allow her breed into the camp is the reason I will never visit this place again even without my dog.She is well disiplined,always under control and kept well away from other campers at whatever camp grounds I stay in,she is not a barker and is not actualy a vicious breed.The owner needs be aware that any dog, even the most innocuous looking ones are capable of biting when they feel threatened.The ‘dogs by prior arrangement’ sign should be removed and the manager could take a good look at his lack of public relations skills,his misjugdement is an insult to me as a responsible dog owner