Opal Hot Springs and Holiday Park

Name: Paula
Rating: 7/10
on 1 May 2012

I am aware that the new management has only been in control for slightly over twelve months but would that not be enough time to get cleaners who actualy know how to clean? Filth on the top of the walls that has obviously been there for years! Cobwebs in the bedroom and toilet, coffee rings on the table, dirty oven, walls and floors, mould on the ceiling and wardrobes, musty smell, large pieces of paint flaking off and the cups were very badly stained brown (easily removed). The toilet seat was almost completely off on one side (how could the cleaners not notice and simply tighten) along with a whole lot of other maintainance issues such as a hole in the wall from rot that I could mention. I do realised that if the camp has been neglected for many years that it is an ongoing job for the new owners to get things up to scratch but a lot of things could be done with little to no cost that would make all the difference. One thing that concerned me in the regards to safety was that the fire alarm was removed, although it was still in the room minus the battery but maybe more importantly the fire extinguisher had not been checked and recharged in 10 years! A major breech of the regulations. On the plus side, the owners are lovely, the grounds were well maintained and the linen and towels etc were all clean and fresh.