Oropi Spa Pools and Country Cafe

Name: Jane West
Rating: 8/10
on 3 June 2015

A very pleasant lady, Robyn, runs this complex (and there is also a friendly and welcoming dog to greet you in the car park!) The change rooms are clean and more than adequate and you put your belongings into a tub and then take them out near the pool to keep an eye on them. The pool itself is just a perfect soaking temperature and depth, with underwater seating right around and in all the alcoves so some privacy is available. My only criticism of the pool is that it was chlorinated. The cafe looked to have a comprehensive menu and the gardens were nicely landscaped. My visit was slightly marred by some out-of-control kids who were jumping in, very noisy and making fart noises, whose parents could easily have stopped them but didn’t bother. Once they had left it was a peaceful soak and I would be happy to go back. Only about 10 minutes’ drive from busy Tauranga.