Otehake River Hot Springs

Name: Mark
Rating: 9/10
on 12 June 2009

Great hotpools, my fave on the south island so far. Great location and great walk, good camping right by pools. Pools can be dug out quite deep and room for 6 people or more in two pools. Gravel bottom and sandflies can be extreme here in the day so best at night. Route their is in poor state in places with falling trees blocking the steep track to the gorge and parts of the track covered with fallen wood so take care to not get lost. Flood route from lake to otehake river is hard going and also in a poor state at the moment. Do not underestimate the Otehake, the crossings are deep and fast flowing at the best of times. Do not go if the rivers are even up a little. If the Otira is hard to cross dont bother! The pools are easy to find, just head up the Otehake until you see a island with trees and the pools are in the flood channel at the side. Pools may need repair or digging out after floods.