Otehake River Hot Springs

Name: F Cohen
Rating: 8/10
on 11 January 2012

A very hot summer with out much range for a month meant Otahake River levels are very low. they allowed us to make a day walk from Lake Karapataka to the hot pools. We started down the flood route, or “blood ” route as someone had written on the sign, but turned back after 5 min, taking the other trail which descended to Otahake River Valley. We walked up the gorge, crossing the river several times. We had our 8 yr old daughter with us, and she had an exhilerating day in togs in very hot weather. I would not attempt with a child if river was higher, as it seemed to be 1-2 m lower than usual. Hot pools had been built by previous users, and were easy to spot. We spent a couple of hours soaking before walking 2.6 km back to base camp for a second night listening to the birds at Lake Karapataka.