Otehake River Hot Springs

Name: Bear
Rating: 8/10
on 8 February 2012

Went last weekend and my experience was much the same as others. Rivers were up everywhere do to a few days of rain so used the flood trail from the Otira foot bridge and the blood trail up following the otehake, coming down from the hill a few k’s north of the springs. These two trails upped our time quite a bit, if you’ve a heavy pack the blood trail is a mission climbing over under and around fallen trees. Luckily, the Hot (burning hot) springs are worth it, just take your time getting the right mix of hot and cold then build your walls for the pool (if not previously built). The island has camping spots, and there is a short 3m track that leads toward the east side of the island. The hot pools are about 5m north of where that path comes out. look for steam, if that fails dip your hand in each puddle till you nearly burn your hand and bingo! It can be a popular spot in the weekends, we had to share with a pack on trampers that came up that day, but it’s high spirits all around so no worries. I’d recommend doing it when the rivers are low, it’s save you 3-4 odd hours