Palm Springs

Name: D & H
Rating: 8/10

A blast from the past, Palm Springs takes you back to the carefree days of growing up in the early 70’s before beauracricy and over regulation took over. The place is pretty much a time capsule from that era, very old concrete changing rooms and outdated seating areas but that just adds to the character of the place. Theres 2 large pools, the cooler one is the deepest at about 2m and the hottest pool on the top level has steps right accross one end which make their way down into the pool to a level of about chest deep, the steps are great to sit on and you can regulate your depth into the water and you can get a bit highter out of the water to cool off without having to get out. Theres also some open air spa pools around behind a fence but havent used them. Have been to the last Saturday of the month a few of times and found it to be a very social and chatty group and made pretty welcome, a lot of other couples and single males middle aged to elderly, some in suits and most without, that seems to be the busy social night. The place is definately one of NZ’s best kept secrets and it’ll be a sad day and the end of an era when the developers and investors arrive.