Palm Springs

Name: jez
Rating: 8/10
on 3 June 2015

i have been going here regularly because its cheap.$7 per visit if you buy a ten trip for @70..where in nz can you get that value for money.i’ve been to the noisy neighbours for $17 slide was closed water was cold the hot water pool was indoors but quiet compared to the big pool which was full of little hooligans throwing gravel at everyone.waiwera is 26 bucks and you cant even take food there anymore.the big advantage of palm springs is they have a pool that you can swim in comfortably and dive into the deep end.the hot pool is big and hot .the water is the cleanest i,ve seen in any hot pools .obviously this is not a place for the pc brigade.the people who go there go to avoid them anyway.i think thats why the owners keep it like that to keep them away so like minded people can enjoy the peace and quiet.i go there for the clean deep water.the shower works fine and it is very safe.the owners have always been curtious as far as i can see.they probably shouted at some rude kiwi who cant see the woods for the forest. sometimes the water is too hot but i guess that depends on whats happening underground.the tiles have some algae on them but thats ok as another reviewer mentioned.the water is really clear and the changing rooms are are allowed to drink and eat as long as its not in the pool.