Palm Springs

Name: Sherry
Rating: 10/10
on 15 March 2014

Short version: Palm Springs is Clean, Relaxing, Not crowded, Hot enough and just generally great!I had an enjoyable time there so I recommend this place to others. And to those worrying about previous negative comments Palm springs have made some nice renovations and now its much cleaner. Now if you want to know why I think those things read the rest. Went there today, a Saturday night, I’ve been going infrequently there for about ten years yet never noticed the nude nights? Not sure if they still have that but it sounds interesting, unfortunately that Saturday happened to not be a nude night one. Looking for more info about this one, someone mentioned it was family safe, were they right and when does it start on Saturday? I took a glance at the pricing when coming in and the prices are as follows: Adults $14 (Over 18yr) Students $11 (under18yr) Senior $8 (golden card or over 65 I think?!?) Children $7 (not too sure about this one as I only glanced briefly) Basically imo that is affordable and it was definitely worth it!! I’m not too sureon closing and opening times but I was there till 9:30pm so they should be open to late. The pools were great. I think there’s a varied idea of the temperature here so I’ll just try clear the confusion by saying that there are 2 big/decent sized pools, one lukewarm, ideal for swimming especially if you don’t want the icy bite of normal swimming pools. The other hot, yet not hot enough to ban children from it, it’s family welcoming temperature. There is also a long curved (bean shaped?) spa hidden behind a wall which can give you more privacy and seems to be popular for couples, I had an awkward fast feel of the water temp and I think its slightly colder than the hotter one of the pools. It used to be quite unauthentic but now they have renovated everything and from what I could tell in the dim lighting they have decorated it nicely. Also a very shallow small pool for toddlers which has a new fountain, water is suitable for babies as it isn’t too cold or hot, so shallow that I’d be more amazed if someone drowned in it. Not a lot of people there as always, tonight there were less than 30 customers and normally in the day time there’s way less than that. Great if you want to relax without ppl bumping you every minute yet don’t want to spend money on a private spa. Personally, I prefer this place to Parakai as it is cheaper, quieter, cleaner (I have a grudge against Parakai as it tends to be fond of giving me head lice 🙁 ).On the downside Palm Springs doesn’t have any slides, I don’t mind that but others might. As for the state of the changing rooms…HURRAY THE WOMEN CHANGING ROOM HAS FINISHED RENOVATION, sorry guys turns out you still need to wait a bit. Now the walls have been repainted, three more showers added (although they’re on the outside close enough to the benches that half of them get wet) these showers actually work well and have steady temp of water, no time limit set for the shower (I made sure to take full advantage of that) And they’ve replaced all the yucky wood with new wood. Around 7ish changing stalls with new curtains and the toilet also looks less dodgy and much cleaner. There has been reviews about the hygiene but I found that it was all quite clean? All those times I’ve been there I’ve never encountered “Asians spitting into the pool” so I guess you were just quite unfortunate and came on a day with rude customers. Even if there are I don’t think the staff can do much about it, if those people don’t have the common sense to not spit in pools I doubt they’d be reading signs and following what they say. As for all the mention of Asians, today it was actually mostly Europeans so it depends on the day you go on. I think the customers balance between Asian and Europeans and then there’s some others. I don’t see what the fuss is about however. The pools were clean and I didn’t find any slime or other yucky stuff. I think that’s thanks to the renovation, really, everything looks newer and is cleaner, aside from the top tiles that are the parts that lead from the changing room to the pools. Those tiles are really old and don’t look so nice but they aren’t too bad, just wear some jandals and you’ll be fine. I seldom get food there but from the times I have the food was nice, I think it was quite expensive, though. Someone was playing the piano when we got there, not sure if it was a Saturday night thing or every month but it was quite nice and relaxing. Calming music was also played through the speakers near the pools. Not sure if it’s allowed but there are people drinking beer while in the pool, I’ve never seen drunks there, though. The staff are nice and the other costumers I’ve met there are mostly friendly people. As for the staff I think the renovations are so slow as they actually don’t profit that much because of the lack of customers. And so the price also keeps on raising. I found out today that someone in my family actually knows the owner of the land who rents it to the Koreans that run Palm Springs and it seems they’re in charge of the renovations and the amount of money needed for it surpasses the amount of money he’s getting for renting the land out. Either way I hope they don’t close this down or renovate it so much that it loses it’s 70’s feel as I think it’s part of it’s charm.