Palm Springs

Name: Shelley
Rating: 9/10
on 25 November 2014

Wow! I don’t know what planet you’ve just stepped off Karen but I was at Palm Springs on Thursday 20th November . The water clarity was unbelievable, I always thought the pool was green – turns out it’s BLUE! The temperature was just perfect, not too hot & definitely not cold. The staff were very friendly & helpful and the food was not only affordable but FANTASTIC! Try the burgers – they’re to die for. I was impressed considering the aged look of the place but the place was CLEAN, the showers were hot, the customer service great & friendly. It wasn’t so crowded I couldn’t chill out & basically I had a wonderful time! You need to pull your head out of your a…. Karen & get over yourself! I would happily recommend this place to people, it’s affordable! Thanks Palm Springs & Good Luck with your future renovations!