Parakai Springs

Name: Donald Trump
Rating: 1/10
on 10 July 2009

For all of those who rated this pool complex highly, you are either moron’s or members of staff boosting this rating. This pool complex as others have already stated is disgusting, a mere shadow of it’s former glory. Lack of funding has meant that the entire complex is now rundown and dirty. So much so that even the slides had been tagged! The young staff were not very attentative and more interested in socialising than keeping an eye on the small ones. It breaks my heart to see this complex in such disarray as it held such fond memories in so many children’s hearts growing up in AKL. Management heed this warning, keeping the entry price low ( which it is ) will only see this business spiral slowy down into a watery grave. Invest money to make money and charge accordingly. Let people know what you’ve done and new & old fans will return, business 101.