Parakai Springs

Name: Mike Webster
Rating: 7/10
on 3 June 2015

Having read all the reviews, I have to agree that, yes, the pools are getting old. But completely disagree that they are dirty or unhygienic. Staff do a great job of keeping the place spotless and clean. I love the fact that the pools are never crowded – plenty of space for a BBQ, birthday party or just a day to chill with the kids. Entry is reasonably priced (even better if you are Rodney Residents – brilliant idea in encouraging locals to use the pools!) Have been to Waiwera and absolutely HATED the ripoff prices, crowds of people and lack of outdoor areas where kids can roam. Also at Parakai staff are vigilant with children without being “Nazis” about it. (Westwave Henderson are forever telling the kids off about anything!! Safety is one thing but this is ridiculous!) So YOU GO Aquatic Park Parakai!! I for one will still be visiting and loving it as will my kids who absolutely love the choice of pools and brilliant hydroslides. Many thanks!