Parakai Springs

Name: Blair Robson
Rating: 8/10
on 3 June 2015

I grew up in Parakai and I used to go there almost every day. Our Primary School used the pools twice a week during the summer to teach swimming and water safety. I havn’t been to the main area for quite some time but the private area out the back is a fantastic area for a private party of BBQ. I find it extremely hard to believe that the water quality is as bad as some of these comments say. I suspect there are some business agendas going on here (Waiwera Managment?) I will make a point of going there in the coming months to check how true these comments are. I’m proud to have some from Parakai and it would be a shame if this was true. Whoever complained about the tagging on the slides…..HELLO its always been like that. The Parakai township is one of the lower socio economic level towns you will find in New Zealand… there are a alort of hood rats growing up there.. but don’t let that keep you away from visiting Aquatic Park.