Parakai Springs

Name: Anastasia wilson
Rating: 9/10
on 3 June 2015

Thanks to Dion i was able to take my large family to Parakai Hot springs and I was so estactic with their hydroslides!!!! I loved the feeling like i can relax and the kids had freedom without a staff member breathing down your neck… I enjoyed the fact that these facilities were here for us to enjoy without all the p.c. and although i know parakai take their proffession seriously they also did not pass it down to their customers. I hate it when staff are stressed and pass their demeanour onto the customers(many swimming complex do!!!). The only disappointing thing is I can’t afford the usual price and would dearly love to make this our family get away but I have told lots and lots of people that is a piece of old Kiwi paradise….ahh loving it!!!