Parakai Springs

Name: Dejan Danev
Rating: 1/10
on 10 January 2013

Our first family visit…and last one for sure…and the reasons are: 1.)Old 70’s feel place,wear & tear everywhere,poorly maintained. 2.)Dirty shower areas & changing rooms. 3.)Dirty water indoor & outdoor pool with hair & other dirt floating on surface(we all woke up with sore throats).Area surrounding the indoor pool stinky. 4.)Staff/young life guards mute,failed to prevent x2 different groups of people at different times of the day acting very uncivilised(yelling,screaming,swimming with clothes & underwear on, pushing each other in the water,some of them blowing their nose & spitting in the pool,heaps of bomb & back flip jumps(high risk of injury to themselves and the others in & around the pool, especially to the young kids and the ladies), splashing water out to visitors and their belongings (we had a few expensive water sensitive items,food & clothing that we wanted to keep dry). 5.)Not enough water flow in the hydro slides resulting body stops at different points,luckily there were no body collisions/injuries. 6.)Cafes food below average and expensive as well as the drinks. Overall not a good experience,definitely not recommended !!! Team Danev