Polynesian Spa

Name: Michelle
Rating: -/10
on 16 March 2013

Thanks for the right to reply – I did respond to the response received from Polynesian Spa. The response I provided was also posted on their reply on their facebook site to prove that I was most certainly not clearly informed. I also realise that Polynesian Spa are aware of this because they removed it from their facebook comments. As it might of shown them up and maybe their response was deceptive and dishonest. In continuation to their response from Polynesian Spa – confirmation was never given and staff never listen to what was requested at the time of the booking and the alternative options for us: Well we travelled to Rotorua we had no intentions of staying, so your solution wasn’t helpful to us because we were advised the treatment we actually wanted no longer exists in the ½ hour bookings and we could pay extra and come back the next day was really entertaining. Management at Polynesian Spa are not transparent and their customers are certainly not the reason why they are there. Polynesian Spa is out there to exploit a natural resource for the commercial dollar a service to be wary off. Thanks for the time Michelle