Sapphire Springs Holiday Park

Name: Leroy Smith
Rating: 1/10
on 12 January 2014

Way over priced for the average units. Extra person’s bed was a thin foam mattress on the ground. Pools were lukewarm. The police were already there attending to a previous incident. The motor park was run down and it appeared to have long term tenants. We stayed with a few younger people, admittedly we were a bit louder than we should have been and as a consequence to this we were removed from our rooms at 7 am by a group of staff standing outside our door. Between 2 and 3 in the morning there were staff members sitting outside our units watching us while we slept. They peeked through the windows at us. I felt intimidated. There would have better ways to deal with the situation rather than using scare tactics. When we tried to leave the proprietors locked us in the compound and charged us an extra $100 for cleaning. We were not allowed to take photographic evidence of the rooms nor were we given a fair chance to clean the rooms. Very uncomfort