Sylvia Flats Hot Springs [CLOSED due to Rock Fall Nov 2011]

Name: Brendon
Rating: 2/10
on 3 June 2015

a horrible, sandfly-infested murky, luke-warm puddle. lovely surroundings, but hardly worth the effort. don’t mean to sound negative, but i’d like to be honest to save others the disappointment and trouble. It was fun hunting it out and discovering a real thermal spring in nature, but honestly, if you want thermal pools, just go to maruia thermal resort up the road. OK, it cost $15, but they have 3 huge natural-looking outdoor pools (with rocks and shrubs and stuff) with views across the river and up the mountains and tranquil native bush surroundings. Also various indoor pools and bathhouse. But would not recommend Hamner Springs at all, as it is a municipal facility in the town center, much like soviet-style public pools and is way too commercial and full of wrinkly old folk from the nearby nursing facility.