Taranaki Mineral Pools

Name: Celina
Rating: 10/10
on 29 June 2007

Love this place! My boyfriend and I came here November last year when we took a mini break to the Naki. Beautiful clean water, silky smooth and very hot – you can pick your own temperature! I don’t know what these other people are on about with the water not being hot enough and the pools being dirty – it was clean as a whistle as they put fresh water in for you, and it was so hot that my boyfriend nearly passed out when we got out of the pool and had to sit down in reception for a few minutes! Staff were very friendly and made sure that the atmosphere remained quiet by telling people to keep the noise levels down. I didn’t have a problem with that – we were there to relax. If you want a place for your kids then go to some public pools or something… This place gets the thumbs up from me!