Tarawera Hot Springs [CLOSED]

Name: Phil Tarrant
Rating: 10/10
on 20 June 2010

Tarawera Trip 17-18th April 2010

Arriving at Tarawera Saturday afternoon about 4pm and pulling up in the car park to book a campsite I noticed a couple heading down a track with a homemade sign beside the gate saying “pool”, I could not make out at the time what it was they were carry. On making a visit to the hot pool site just before dark it was obvious the they had cleaned out the pool and it was now filling. It appears to take about 3- 4 hours to fill from the way the level was rising during the short time I was there.

On my return visit about 6.30am next morning it was full and hot, most pleasant. The walk to and from the pool is also enjoyable especially the bush part with interesting glimpses to the valley and hills beyond. There are two pools, only the one nearest to the track appears to be used at present. The thing that caught my eye was the genuine kiwi DIY pool plug, made from an old glass beer flagon wrapped and fitting perfectly into the plug hole and flush with the pool bottom. Also the sheet of old black plastic between the pool and the changing area to protect ones bare feet. It gives a feeling of the way New Zealand once was.

Credit must also go to the crew who did the very professional work to reinforce the bank below the pools. It is really an expression of the dedication of the locals to their hot pools. I’m sure every visitor to the the area must feel this and respect the fact that the locals are happy to share the pools with visitors.

The stop is really worth a visit if travelling the Napier-Taupo highway. I can also recommend the tea rooms/cafe, excellent food, friendly staff/owners with lots of interesting knowledge of the area.

Phil Tarrant – Wanganui 17th-18th April 2010