Tarawera Hot Springs [CLOSED]

Name: Ngaire Midgley
Rating: 8/10
on 6 December 2007

As the proprietor of the Tarawera Tavern I would like to add my comments. Cyclone Bola removed the house over the pools and undermined part of the hill the pools are located on then when the Cave Creek disaster happened DOC and OSH went into their hysterical phase and in their wisdom decided to close the pools down believing they would fall into the river they are still their and nothing has changed in sixteen years the locals have been using them for over one hundred years and we will not allow DOC and OSH to dictate to us so when they take away the hose that lets the hot water run into the pools we just go buy another one Cleaning of the pools is reliant on one of our locals and gets done on a reasonably regular basis however these pools unlike commercial ones are not filtered so the water is natural as it comes from the spring in the hill any greening comes from sunlight we ask tourists to please empty and put hose into second pool to try and keep them as clear as possible we also advise everyone not to put their head under the water which should never be done in thermal water unless like the commercial ones they are chemically treated and filtered I believe the breathtaking views and remoteness of the pools make them something very special and hope people can enjoy them for many years to come