Te Aroha Holiday Park and Hot Pools

Name: Peter
Rating: 4/10

Not sure why this camping ground is in the hot pool.co.nz site, The small rock pool no bigger than a king size bed is heated manually, but is was ok to sit in and warm up, we arrived after dark there is no lighting around paths or drive was given the wrong key to get into the cottage when we got the right key we then had to find the switch board as there was no power, found it turned it on and we were set..wrong… it was cold and the heater took ages to heat up.. the staff were very helpful thou and i say thanks for that, the gym gear there for use should be dumped before some one gets hurt its all stuffed and don’t work…couple of other campers we spoke to while there said they couldn’t wait to leave, i will say we were gone early the next day Chances of us going back, not going to happen,