Te Rata Bay (Hot Water Beach)

Name: Jen
Rating: 8/10
on 25 April 2011

This is a truly beautiful spot, however we found it really difficult to find a spot in the lake where the water wasn’t either freezing or unbelievably boiling hot. This is still worth a trip though. You can lie in a small man made rock pool if it’s free…just a few people were there the day we went…so if you can get in a rock pool or make one to keep the temperature more controlled you will enjoy this experience. Beware the close you get to the cliffs the more boiling the water is. Ask anyone who’s there to help you get into the water as you may get a real fright from the heat. Ease your way in from the beach then slowly across to the cliffs where you’ll see the water trickling down into the lake. A beautiful spot as I said, and amazing view of Mt Tarawera. I also understand you can camp the night. boat access only!