The Bridge (aka The Secret Spot, aka HotnCold), Waiotapu Stream

Name: Jason
Rating: 9/10
on 30 January 2013

If you want to relieve yourself of stress then sitting back in this waiotapu stream is just the medicine. The further up towards the bridge you go, the hotter the water gets. This place is like hydrotherapy. Cleans the pores of your skin, and soothes aching muscles. I went there with my girlfriend. We walked down the steps and four other nice pretty young girls were there, they looked like swedish or german tourists, as they were giggling and chatting in their language. They had taken off their bikinis or bathing suits and were just sitting in the water or floating on their backs naked in the stream. A lovely sight, seeing all those bare legs. So not being prudish, we decided to go au natural as well to fit in. My girlfriend and i, slipped off our gear, and hung our panties on a tree nearby and joined these lovely sexy girls. And we had some lovely conversation about our backgrounds. Some tour buses drove past over the bridge and we waved up smiling at them. Lesson: Dont be shy about going in the lovely warm water in the nude, guys and girls! It really is a stress reliever especially going au natural, and you will make the passers by happy too with some eye candy to look upon. They aren’t perving, they are admiring your courage that you went in the raw, and admiring your human beauty, and will remember what they saw in the weeks that follow.