The Bridge (aka The Secret Spot, aka HotnCold), Waiotapu Stream

Name: Vapour
Rating: 9/10
on 23 May 2013

The local iwi (Ngati Tahu/Ngati Whaoa) with the help of Department Of Conservation have put in wooden steps and fences. They have also done some planting around the pools.
The reason for the upgrade is (A) to protect the rare species of plants that are found only around some NZ geothermal spots and (B) to attempt to make the area a place that people want to respect.
Unfortunately the Secret Spot is no longer secret due to it’s world wide publicity from Lonely Planet Guide to websites like this one. The huge interest in this location has meant a lot of people visit here, and sadly there are some who haven’t respected it or the plant life.
In time, if people look after the place, it will hopefully reguvinate and become the beautiful place it once was.