The Honeymoon Pool (Te Kiri O Hine Kai Stream)

Name: Denise Moffitt
Rating: 8/10
on 11 August 2005

If its the one I visited many times as a wild teenager (and the location looks spot on) in 1964, called the Honeymoon back then, it was accessed through a track at the rear of a motor camp. Someone had dammed it at the top and about 20 feet below, with the really hot water cascading over each rim. It wasnt wide, about 15 feet and there was brush and trees all around. We usually went at night, when the frost and snow were all around and it was magic – probably the cans of beer we floated down from the top of the stream added to the ‘magic’. I remember the water was so hot the cans of beer (unopened) actually sank. Yes, we wore togs and I have amazing memories of those years until it was closed down – probably because of people like us! My boyfriend’s parents had a holiday home at Taupo and he knew all the ‘private’ pools like this.

I did hear recently it had been reopened but I have been living abroad for about 30 years and havent followed it up as to what it is now.