The Lost Spring

Name: Susie
Rating: -/10
on 28 July 2009

A fairly modern complex with 2 main hot pool areas. The larger swimming pool has a long cool curve with a ‘hidden’ cave fully equipt with electric ‘glow worms’ and geode encased stalactites. The waters at this end are pleasingly tepid. At its deepest point it’s around chest height but the shallows are child friendly gentle slopes. Swimming up the gentle current under a bridge leads to the warmer mini hot pool where you can relax and sip your choice of a selection of alcoholic drinks – although the cocktails are a little pricey. Payment is by account number on your wrist band.
Wander down a wee path through the bush and you’ll ‘discover’ the smaller but much hotter sequence of 3 interconnected pools. The concrete ‘cliffs’ with embedded gold tiles leave you thinking of an aztec influence however the birds are far from shy and Tui’s are clearly at home amidst the bathers.