The Lost Spring

Name: Diane
Rating: 10/10
on 17 September 2010

We had the most fantastic time. We paid for an hour but the owner (who is really friendly) said we were welcome to stay longer. Sadly we couldn’t as it was getting dark and we had a long drive back to our accommodation in Coromandel township. All the lights were being lit just prior to us getting out – magic! I really appreciated the complimentary cool water beside the hotter pool there is also soap and shampoo in the showers. All the staff were friendly and courteous which was nice since we arrived muddy, wet and dishevelled after a long bush trek in the rain not to mention cold – that was soon fixed though! After a lovely soak in the hotter pool it was heaven to slip into the more tepid, larger pool. Even in there you could find hot spots if you wanted a little more warmth.

Best things about the Lost Spring include; no young kids so very couple orientated, lots of space and privacy create a very romantic ambience and the water leaves your skin felling wonderful!

I’m already planning a return trip and we will get an all day pass which will allow us to explore the gardens fully, sample the food, maybe have a massage from the spa and consume a cocktail or two. Just have to find accommodation we like in the vicinity and we’ll be back!! Thanks Alan for persevering with your dream, it is definitely a worthwhile outcome!