The Lost Spring

Name: Jane West
Rating: 9/10
on 1 June 2013

What a fantastic experience, on my 3 week “hot pool crawl” in the North Island. This is hot spring bathing at its finest. You can’t help but be amazed at the planning and care that went into this facility – it has everything you could possibly want. I was quite concerned about this being a very commercial facility, and not “natural” but it certainly had its advantages. The ladies change rooms even had hair dryers and shampoo. The no kids policy was a refreshing change. I found the receptionist to be very polite and friendly. I was happy to book in for the day rate as I spent 4 wonderful hours there in the rain. I liked the really hot Crater Pool best, there were underwater benches at varying levels so you could sit in the depth that suited you; also a little waterfall there which was good for a massage on my arthritic knee. Even in the rain there were laminated menus around and the staff would come by occasionally to see if you wanted anything to eat or drink – I had a Pina Colada which was on special that day. Bliss! There is also filtered water available to stop you getting dehydrated. The jungle atmosphere was fabulous, as were the tuis flitting about, and the swim-in cave and even the gold leaves scattered on the “rocks”. The only reason I can’t give this a 10 is that the pathways were a bit slippery in the rain, it was hard to find somewhere to keep your towels & clothes dry and I found the larger pool quite difficult to get in and out of with slippery concrete – no handrails for those of us who are slightly incapacitated. However I would happily return and next time I will spend the whole day; it was just fantastic.