Tokaanu Thermal Pools

Name: Brent
Rating: 7/10
on 29 January 2008

If you haven’t been to these pools, I’d recommend it.

The private pools are exactly that, and have an open roof so you get a nice breeze. It was around 40 degrees, untreated thermal hot water, marvellous. You only get (and only need) 20 minutes in them and I would recommend taking a large bottle of water with you to both drink and cool yourself down a bit.

After that we went to the outdoor public pool which was a much cooler and extremely pleasant 32 degrees.

They are great to just sit in and relax. The waters treated so you can put your head under the surface. Recommend sunscreen, a hat and sunglasses when in the pool on a sunny day.

It was my second visit in a 15 year period. I won’t be waiting so long next time.