Tokaanu Thermal Pools

Name: Tokaanu Pools Management
Rating: -/10
on 4 April 2012

We welcome and thank everyone for their feedback. When a constructive comment is made we endeavor to first contact the reviewer to provide a personal response to their concerns. At this stage we haven’t had a reply from the last reviewer, whose expectations were not meet, with regard to the type of water and temperature of our Public Pool.
The Public Pool is advertised as Chlorinated Fresh Water and is heated to between 36 – 38 degrees Celsius. Unlike the mineral pools this pool allows for a long warm soak and and parents “You don’t need to worry about your children ducking their heads under”. Our pool temperatures are checked hourly, and adjustments are made to account for weather and time of the day.
Our private mineral pools are natural water (it’s advisable to keep heads above water), and are often around 41 degree Celsius. This is great for those aches and pains after an adventurous time in Southern Lake Taupo and the Tongariro National Park. A time limit of 20 minutes is given, to prevent faints, and so others can also enjoy these private natural mineral pools, without waiting long. We include a complimentary public pool afterwards. As the temperatures aren’t as hot as the mineral pools this allows you to stay in as long as you like till closing.
Our answer to B. Welsh’s review below: The Tokaanu Private Mineral and Public Chlorinated Pools cater well for a huge range of locals and visitors. We do not have an infinite supply of mineral water, and the beautiful thermal walk behind the pools would be in jeopardy, if changes were made as suggested.
Again we welcome your feedback! Should anyone wish to comment to us directly, please email us at